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 With  more than 25 years of experience in the health field, my journey has taken me through conventional to complementary/integrative practices in hospital, clinic, college, corporate and community settings with numerous speaking/media presentations. It has been my good fortune to assist the full spectrum of society in the search for better health, to include many of the common/not-so-common conditions afflicting folks today.  No two people are the same; no ONE program or approach is  going to be a fix-all.  
My focus is YOU; You know YOU better than anyone; YOU are your best manager.  Balancing your metabolism and strengthening your immune system are keys to weight management and improving any adverse health conditions. I am here to assist you in that process through food, lifestyle adjustments, nutritonal supplements and homeopathics as may be indicated and compatible with your current therapies.  Please visit my CV below to see how my experience may blend with yours.
Twenty-five years of progressive experience in health-related fields.  Focus has been integrative/complementary approaches to nutrition management/counseling, management of autoimmune and chronic conditions, in/out patient diabetes management, program development/ marketing, and corporate health promotion. ADA Registered Dietitian*MS in Exercise Physiology* Diabetes Educator*Naturopath/Reiki Master/Cranial Sacral/Aromatherapy Practitioner.
Selected Career Accomplishments
*Outpatient counseling, clinical and well program development/supervision in both conventional and integrative practices
*Inpatient/outpatient team management of diabetes; research coordinator
*Management of clinical natural pharmacy
*Community development/delivery of health related programs/activities
*Nutrition/physical fitness curriculum development for community college and university programs
*Presenter at numerous programs.
* Doctor of Naturopathy; Washington Institute of Natural Medicine, Washington, DC.
*Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology; University of Maryland, College Park, MD; honors.
*Bachelors of Science in Dietetics; University of Maryland.
*Bachelors of Arts in European Literature/History; University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

*Licensed Dietitian, State of Maryland; District of Columbia
*American Dietetic Association Registered Dietitian
*Certified Diabetes Educator 2003-2010/CPR certified.
*Herbology/Aromatherapy/Holistic Health Certifications
*Reiki Master/Cranial Sacral/Karuna Reiki Practitioner
*Secondary Teaching Credentials
Professional Experiences
Clinical Nutritionist: Naval Health Clinic, US Naval Academy, 2006-6/2014.  Out patient counseling for all active duty/retired personnel and their families
Whole Health Wellness: Independent nutrition/wellness consultant 1996-present:
---Full Circle Healing Arts: Nutrition/Naturopathic consultant, Annapolis 6/2014-2/2015
---Private Practice Practitioner: conventional/complementary-based physician practices in DC Metro area
---Diabetes Action, Research and Education Foundation, Diabetes Consultant, 1992-present: Program developer/website consultant for diabetes questions.
---UMBC Joslin Center: diabetes field education for targeted internal medicine offices, 2004-2006.
--Adjunct Professor Nutrition: Montgomery College, Rockville, MD.  2003-2006.
---Bridging The Gap: Developed and conducted nutrition programs for in/out patient physician based addiction center based on treatment through advanced nutrition research.
---Physicians Memorial Hospital/Providence Hospital/Shady Grove Hospital: weight management/corporate occupational health and screening programs/diabetes management education1992-1997
--Diabetes Consultant, Diabetes Knowledge Exchange:  Innovex, 3/01/01-4/30/02.  Market to and assist physician offices in the greater Metropolitan DC area in improving diabetes Standards of Care practices.
--Diabetes Educator/Research Coordinator/Clinical and Functional Medicine Nutritionist: George Washington University Departments of Endocrinology and Integrative Medicine 2000-2001
--Clinical Nutritionist/Natural Pharmacy ManagerAmerican Whole Health, 1999-2000. Multi-site integrative medicine practice
--Nutrition and Mid-Atlantic Marketing Consultant/Research Coordinator:  Health Studies Collegium/Serammune Physicians Lab 1996-1999. Immune allergy testing and intervention
--Certified Diabetes Educator: Diabetes Treatment Center, Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC, 1992-96.  Member of multi-disciniplary team involved in all levels of diabetes care; education programs for both patients and medical staff.

Other Professional Experiences
Secondary level teacher in several disciplines; supervised Special Education Programs
Adult remedial education classes.
Awards and Affiliations
*Presidential Silver Medal for Community Service, 2004: Volunteer Service for Good Knight Child Empowerment Network, promoting/enacting child/family safety programs in communities nationally. 
*American Heart Association, Community Service Award.  Chairperson, Nutrition Scientific Update.
*Member: American Dietetic Association, American Association of Diabetes Educators/Integrative Care Practices.
Coordinator/Investigator for both conventional/integrative protocols in areas of diabetes, immune allergies, cardiac, exercise and chiropractic effects 
Volunteer/Performer: Good Knight ChildEmpowerment Network 
Other Activities: Dance, yoga, equitation, aquatics, outdoor activities/sports
 "Thanks so such for your nutritional advice.  Not only has it changed my life, but you've changed my family's health as well including my son with Autism.  For over 10 years, I have had high triglyceride levels reaching as high as 500 at one point.  Now, it is at 158 and still declining.  My panic attacks have almost gone away.  I can now drive on bridges and tunnels without feeling like I will crash.  Previously, I was trapped inside my body with unexplainable fears which significantly limited the quality of life.  I recently took my family on a road trip to Niagara Falls and New York.  With better nutrition and supplements, I can look forward to a new life with enthusiasm. 

I have also seen noticeable changes in my son with Autism.  In addition to vitamins, Danny has been taking probiotics and Omega 3 for about a month.  He is much more lively and quicker with his response.  He seems to be happier overall.   

I am learning to let go of the past and give myself permission to try new things.  All these things would not have been possible without your help.  "      

Richard Keh 
"Jane DeVane is Phenomenal, extremely knowledgeable and interesting. She helping me to understand all aspects of the nutrition management by helping me to better prepare and analyze my diet and eating habits. A level that I would not be able to attain without her help and given me a much better perspective of the aging process. "
Mrs. Sherry Hithon 
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