Contact Me: Jane DeVane MS RDN NP

--Accept CareFirst/BlueCrossBlueShield and  Cigna insurances 
--Other insurance programs: many do cover; fees due at time of service; I will give you necessary paperwork for submission for reimbursement if requested. 

--$130/90 minutes first visit
--2 60 minutes visits f/up: $200

Reimbursable through flex spending accounts.
LOCATION: Greenbelt, MD
--Can service greater DC Metro area; home visits available for added fee.  Phone consultations available.

HOURS: M/TH 11-6; T/F 10-5; S/S flexible availability; other times by arrangement
Preferred: a copy of your most recent labs that include a baseline: lipids, glucose, CBC, thyroid,Vit D if these have been drawn. 
Am available for corporate/group programs; will travel.
Other sessions offered: 

Reiki: Universal Life Force—is a method of stress reduction that can also promote healing by lightly placing hands on or near the body in various positions around the head, shoulders, stomach and feet.   A treatment can result in warm and relaxed feelings, light-heartedness, releasing of negative feelings and a general sense of well- being.  Reiki has been embraced by many prestigious hospitals as an adjunct therapy.  $75/60 min session

Cranial Sacral: This therapy involves extremely light touch to the head and neck to redirect the cerebral spinal fluid and open the passage from the spine to the head, resulting in increased flow. Many conditions, including emotional blocks to healing can be addressed with Cranial Sacral Therapy to improve physical and cognitive function and comfort. $75/60 min session
Metabolic Testing: The BodyGem® indirect calorimeter is a state-of-the-art, hand held breathing device that accurately measures in a 10 min test resting metabolic rate(RMR), the number of calories your body actually needs to successfully manage fat loss goals and general health. Requires a 4 hour fast: $60

Functional Intracellular Analysis--Micronutrient Testing: Non-fasting blood test that demonstrates what functional deficiencies exists within white blood cells.  33 micronutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & amino acids are examined.  included is a comprehensive functional assay for antioxidant/immune function, and carbohydrate metabolism panel.
Insurances cover portions of most tests.  $125

EMAIL: ask@wholehealthwellness.vpweb.com

--What to include:  insurance ID/plan if Carefirst; conditions/health concerns to be addressed.
MD License #:  DO1387
DC License #:  D1444
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